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Apr. 7th, 2011


craaaaaawling in my skiiiin

today, in some moment during the half-an-hour break we have beween 2 classes at college, we were talking about music and someone mentioned *still* liking Korn.
i was like.... omgf, i had totally forgot about Korn D: and i used to be their "fan".  when i was 15 or so, i was ttly a 'metalhead' just like every other 15 year old back then when nu Metal became popular. so since i came back home i've been listening to bands i used to love when i was a teen, just to remember about them. yeah i used to totally lurve Linkin Park and SlipKnot among with others. lol, boring music if it exists. also some older bands like Iron Maiden... musically better, i'm listening to it again to rejudge and redecide whether i like it or not, this time i do not pursue a fade or being "badass" but have a neutral point of view. not a fan of heavy metal, though. i prefer cheesier music :D(or when i want something "dark", bandslike Pink Floyd appeal alot more to my senses, and it's definitively one of my favourite bands and ideal to listen during my emoments )

one year or so ago, someone put 'Rollin' by Limp Bizkit in the playlist and i was amused to know that despite not having listened to that song in years, i hadn't forget about the lyrics. same with 'my generation', 'nookie', and others i'm trying to remember now. lolwtf. no, i'm not into this music nowadays  xD just refreshing my memory with the stuff i used to listen to all day lon one decade ago, for the fun of it. zomg it says fuq an shit all the time how badass derp derp

also, offtopic but today we worked on larvae during our practice in the lab. glad to say these days i'm alot less impressed by them and vermes in general... not that i like them or i'd take them with my hands (i don't mind spiders and most insects at all), but at least now i can look at and analize them normally.
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Apr. 5th, 2011

by Pidrago

(no subject)

ooooh, LJ is working!:o i'd have more things to say, but not feeling very wordy so i'll just do this. but since Agu i'm a hopeless parrot OTI, i'm gonna make comments on some of them.

1. Pick your birth month.
2. Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
3. Bold the ones that apply
4. Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under a lj-cut.

Fun to be with (1). Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood (2). Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation (3). Easily consoled (4). Honest. Concerned about people's feelings (5). Tactful. Friendly (6). Approachable. Emotional, temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt (7) . Witty and sparkly (8). Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets (9). Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone (10) . Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends . Never looks for friends (11). Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems (12). Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover(13).

i'm annoying and messed up, notice the amount of "yes and no"

(1) idk. tell me? :o
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Apr. 2nd, 2011

but i DO care

this is a rabbit entry. there be photos of rabbits

i promised them to viviana87  a while ago, so have some bunny photos taken in Agutown :p the only thing, deal with the crappiness of my old camera ^^;
i see rabbits almost every day in the streets, actually, but i still find it very difficult to take photos of them. my camera takes its sweet 3-5 seconds to take the photo after i hit the button, and that's usually enough time for any wild creature to run off, and rabbits and hares are fast. if the quality wasn't bad enough, the zoom option doesn't work and it takes them at the furthest distance, making what was 2 metres away look like it was like 10 metres away X_X.  but yeah, have some pictures i took, and forgive me about the low quality. i have more, but i swear they are even worse xD
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NIGHT EDIT: oooooh!
i caught Sasha!Collapse )

tomorrow i'll be back with  a rant or something more usual :p sorry for the animal photo spammage ^^;
and, i still have to read a couple of entries, i'm gonna do it tomorrow C;

Apr. 1st, 2011


DA's April fools

last year, by April Fools all the DA users's avatars, including those who didn't have an avatar, got theirs replaced by either a character of Twilight or Lady Gaga for the whole day. the joke itself wasn't special, but the massive butthurt that a simple one-day-long change of avatar caused in a ton of users ended up turning it extremely hilarious (remember those users going all "THEIR STEELING TEH ARTEEST FREEDUM!!!111" or those tl;dr, "calm" but extremely serious journals about why was the joke so wrong, from users that were TOTALLY NOT  making a big deal?)

c'mon, DA admins, don't disappoint me this year!! :D i wanna enjoy another big bawwwwfest this year.

Mar. 30th, 2011


(no subject)

i just got Macromedia Flash MX :o
now i can do things that move. i like things that move.

damn college and all the housework/study/reading it requires. i feel like keep working on certain paintings i'm doing, and animating crap now instead of typing the tl;dr report i'm typing

soon i'm gonna post a ceetain WIP asking for con crit, but want to work on it a bit more. WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO :o  the idea behind that picture is totally 
[info]zelos22  and [info]cirdan_havens 's fault , so i want it to turn out awesome <3

dksjfhskdjfhkj I want to draw now  ;_;

Mar. 23rd, 2011


(no subject)

as soon as i think about reopening comissions in DA, everyone else starts offering them :o  it seems like everyone needs them, unlike me, for food, health and even for saving to make their independent life (?) i don't have the heart to lie there, i want money to buy Anime items, comission a few artists, and even moar books. apparently, i misread something, is not that the LC ovas don't include the Japanese version, is just that the lazy asses didn't put the subtitles on it, something i don't really mind as i have the manga booklets. good news, it means i'm gonna buy the Latin (mexican) edition, much cheaper than ordering them from Japan, as much as i wish they included the extras. maybe just ordering copies of my favourite episodes from Japan whenever i have enough cash.

however (and
not related) i think i'm gonna offer the Kiriban thing on DA just because i feel it's been too quiet lately. it's prolly what [info]aji_mirasol said in her journal, everyone fled to Tumblr. i don't plan on going there, i'd rather keep less sites, and dedicate then the time they require (?).

boring update on my lifeCollapse )

other than that, i'm really fine, just a bit ill... and even more word-blocked than art-blocked. i'm fighting both though!

Mar. 20th, 2011

by Pidrago

(no subject)

Guess who's the Secretary of the brand new South American Society of Bird Watchers!
yeah, you guessed right C:

Oh you really?Collapse )tldr, this was a fantastic day and i enjoyed it alot. i'll go bed now, so i promise i'll catch up with comments and entries tomorrow :). i have a report to do in the computer, so guaranteed i'll spend quite some time online.

Mar. 18th, 2011

but i DO care

(no subject)

today i was given a trout (from a classmate who likes seakittening) and a whole cest full of very sweet and tasty plums :o

most of the times i ate trout i didn't like it but this maed me happeeeeh <3

college stuff, Agu likes bugsCollapse )
btw, this Saturday i'll attend a bird watching outing in a place called Curruhue, as migratory species are leaving this nasteh cold windy  place. it's gonna be funnnn! though my hopes for a calm, warm and sunny day just plain don't exist. wtf, Autumn hasn't started yet  and i'm already wearing a heavy jacket, gloves and a scarf when i go out.... last summer lasted a bit later and less harshly than this :C

Mar. 15th, 2011


(no subject)

Why on Earth would anyone commission another artist for a reference sheet of their own character :o. I understand liking to see them in someone else’s style, that’s why we like getting fan art. but a ref sheet? Only you know how your characters really “should” look like (in my case, I rarely draw them fully like they look in my mind cuz i'm untalented, lol, but i think you get my point)

I may be an egocentric derp, but i think picturing your own character's "actual" look in someone else’s style sounds pretty boring p:

Mar. 14th, 2011


want your opinion

popular or not, what is the ugliest style of drawing?

for me, it's Sonic and Invader Zim though i might have forgotten some other.

just curious

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