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...for real!

ia volví de Chile, chiquíios!

i'm back from Chile!!:D i had an epically FANTASTIC time there. oh my, i'll try ot not make this a wall of text so i'll summarize, but you gonna be spammed with photos C:. in any case, some funny facts about Valdivia:
-they can visually spot an argentinian before we open our big mouth
-everyone calls you "chiquillo" (little kid)
-food is good in general, lots of sea food. though they put Coriander to everything and i don't like it ^^;. i do it better without spicy sauce too ^^; -their accent immediately sticks to you xp (even when our accent is already influenced by theirs)
-we saw 2 robbings and one fist fight the first day. the following were less violent.
-they go bed REALLY early!! we went for a dinner at 9 pm and most restaurants were closed or closing :o. yet unlike here, they were open the whole afternoon. still Args're kind of night owls, lol.
- their food and clothes are CHEEEEEAP, MUCH cheaper than here. you should have seen how in my group, the guys would get into every cloth store, look for prices, talk about clothes, try for them and ask the girls, who were standing bored and waiting for them, if they looked good. absolute reversal of the stereotype!
-city reminded me ALOT of Rosario! people would talk to you alot in the streets, offer things, and so on. unlike SMAndes where the people while never harsh, doesn't really stop you and talk, just leaves you pick.
-as soon as they see you take out a camera, guys in the streets would ask you to take them a photo.
-i felt a bit of a country bumpkin since i'm no longer used to things like taking care of my bag if i leave my chair :o
-in some parts, near the Cordillera, you can tell it's Chile and not Argentina because of the invasive amounts of Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus spp. neither of these can grow here, we are riddled with hardier Pinus ponderosa instead.
-their climate is 4837534 times better than ours :o they were already on effing spring!! birds nesting, baby lapwings, plants were blooming and growing leaves. SMAndes is still snoozing xD
-I GOT TO KNEW ZELOCEAN IN MY ADULTHOOD. lemme tell you, the Pacific is a hawt ocean C:

the Congress was good in general, though i was expecting more heathed debate/lovesdrama. but i enjoyed it, plus i bought 4 new books C: i won't bore you with the flora sightings we made, i was especially interested in the species that can't be found in Argentina. i was amazed though, at the general lack of birds outside of the river, totally unexpected since Chile doesn't have many migratory birds due to milder climate. even in winter there's more birds here :o
BUT, i'll let you know one thing: i danced to Cueca (a traditional dance) two times 8D
asdf, now gonna spam pictures (some out of order due to revisiting certain places). I shrunk them in order to make them easier to handle.

firstly, we didn't have problems to cross the Cordillera, it was snowing but nothing that chains couldn't solve. this is still Argentina, but i gotta love Lanin Volcano :p. in case you are curious, the name of the pass is Mamuil Malal and this is Chile some city photos

look at the shining SPRING

Valdivia River

sea kitten market :p

BURDS . that's why i went to the market to begin with xD

LOOK AT THIS POSE. this was an amazingly lucky pelican shot considering how bad my camera is (needs 10 seconds to shot)

sea dogs

land dog arguing with sea dog (it was hilarious)

chilean moneyz

books i bought+brochures

places Agu loves. look how greener and more dense their vegetation is in comparison to ours, (sorry for them being dark)

Niebla, a small town by the ocean where there's a castle


and finally, back to Argentina

we were tremendously lucky since as we were both going and coming through the Andes, it snowed but it was soft. 40 minutes after i arrived to SMAndes, and was safe at home, intense winds and heavy snowfall started in the town. that mean white wind by the Cordillera, so i'm really glad we were safe in the right time

well, that's all xD. may be spammin' l8r


I know I don't comment much but YOUR SIDE OF THE WORLD LOOKS AMAZING! Seriously, I enjoy every photo post you make, it's just... so different from here or even Europe or States.

And it's good to know you're back! C:
oh my, i'm so glad to know you enjoy them!! i love making photo entries because i tend to take big amounts of them, yet i refuse to upload much photos to FB :'D

btw, i'd really love some from your area, if you want some time C: Russia is one of the countries i'd love to visit the most someday ^^
I'll try to post some photos sometime but I'm not a really good photographer so I keep most of my photos to myself. But I guess there'll be no harm in posting more photos so I'll do eventually! :)
me neither, really ^^; maybe because i take tons of them i manage to find a few decent-looking ones, lol.

and i'd really love to see them :D- i don't comment much either, but i should really start doing it.