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by Pidrago

well, managed to get back to SMAndes yesterday. i had a good time there and could met with my big bro, who i get to only ocasionally see nowadays.
however, can't help but notice i'm behind everybody and everything, and catching an illness (or w/e, a really crappy state of health) is certainly no fun D:. thing is as follows: while i should have taken the bus back on Sunday night, it happened that my dad would have to travel yesterday (Tuesday) morning, and since he's pass by here, i decided to just skip a day at college to save a ticket and because traveling in car is better.
but during a stop he made by Zapala (a city by the road), i just decided to take a nap as he did some duty there. the previous night i slept no more than 2 hours because stayed up late with my bros and then got up very early. soooo i was tooo tired to notice opening the door, or the window would had been a good idea since there was a cool breeze, and instead just fell asleep under a harsh sun. i had a really vivid and creepy dream, and then woke up with a headache (i'm sensitive to sun and the Patagonian sun is a murderer). it didn't bother me much at first but when we arrived to SMA, my head started aching, pretty harshly, once movement stopped (it wasn't even very sunny here, but it ached anyway). on Tuesdays i have Edaphology at 13pm, and we arrived almost one hour earlier. so we went to a restaurant for a lunch. we finished at 12:55, so i asked my dad if we could pass by home (3 blocks away), so i could take my college bag and he'd take me there in the car. he did so, i arrived a bit late and the afternoon went on. but as the afternoon progressed, especially while i was in the classroom, i started to feel worse and worse, cold sweat, and could barely focus in anything. same with Ecology later. one of my classmates offered me to take me home in his car so i guess i looked terrible xD. i was, like, eternally thankful(i live 8 blocks away).
so once at home i took a long shower, and just went to finish an overdue art trade which was left almost done before traveling. then an essay... we are given a shit ton of essays to do :S. had a light dinner, and went bed early. i assumed a good sleep would be great, which it did appear to at first, but today, we had an outing with Edapho and the same headache, cold sweat, and started to feel nauseous. we had to work with shovels, though fortunately under forest coverage. then arrived, had Physics II, then after it i took hour and half of the birds course. home now, and a shower. ache remained, but didn't worsen. one great thing, saw a couple of Magwellanic woodpeckers C: gawd love these birds so much, and i love that they're so confident around people and the couple is always together. btw,  there's at least one couple in Curruhinca hill near the urban area of SMA, which i called Dohko (male) and Kagaho (female). have no photos of them yet, but i will catch 'em sooner or later. my birdies <3

i really must recover soon X_X. i'm behind everybody and everything and that makes me feel so baaaad. have two essays to finish, and i'm neglecting everybody here, on DA, and IRL too. i'd like to skip classes tomorrow, but will only make things worse.
gawd i hate being ill. it's so restrictive, annoying, and it makes your work pile up exponentially.

however, idk, just wanted to update my LJ ^^;. i'll pass by yours too, and answer a few comments... will do my best to stay coherent lol. stupid head aching this much :C i just dislike neglecting people.
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