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The Red Soil Chronicles

And finally I got a spot of time to make a report of my travel to Misiones, with photos and all. Warning, I'm writing it in part for myself so it's going to be long :'D

The bad part of it, is that it ended up way shorter than we expected (and paid the Hostel for) so there were several places we wanted to visit but couldn't, including the San Ignacio Mini. The good part was... everything else.

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I'm aware the entry is excessively long xD not sure of anyone will look at it until the end. But, like I said, I mostly wanted the report for myself C:.
...for real!

travel to Caviahue-Copahue

I was lacking a report of this travel C: we did it last week, from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12. of course, the intention was seeing the active volcano, even though when we visited it, the plumes was far less awesome than when it erupted yet we had an Orange alert. some pictures of the road:

Basaltic (?) formation we nicknamed "dragon's spine"

Araucaria araucana+Copahue volcano+Mapuche guy under araucaria

Before anything else, Caviahue, a very small mountain village, is not far away from Neuquén (the city where my parents live and where I'm spending my days till Sunday), only 300 kilometres or so which is patagonian terms is just right there xD.
soo, the first day we arrived, we left Nqn in the morning and arrived to Caviahue at 11am or so. my parents, being the urban people they are, began to actually drive around the bunch of houses in order to find a hotel. funny part is, it being a tiny Patagonian town, and hot, most of the hotels seemed empty, and the reception desks were not even signalized. bless beautiful andean peace. but of course, my parents started to get nervous about it because tiny villages don't work like big cities, despite me and one of my brothers having left the car to ask around.
we finally found someone who had an empty beautiful and very big appartament with 3 dorms and 7 beds within them. as that week we had been dealing with visitors and my parents with work, we were all tired and lacked sleep, so after buying food at a deli, we took a good siesta till 16:30 or so. mom woke up first, then me and one of my bros, and we drank mate because of course. then, at 17:30 or so, we left for a good hike, and we chose going to Cascadas del Agrio (Agrios's cascades). the town is by Lake Agrio,  feed by river Agrio, where the cascades are found. it was hooooot, easily still over 30ºc so the first cascade was welcomed:

basalt pillars <3

Climbing down towards this one was the hardest (for them C:<) and the longest, and my little 19 year old bro got a bit dizzy, plus my parents tired. of course we forgot bringing water, so we tried this and it had a lemon-like flavor (after all, "agrio" means "sour" C; )
we climbed back up to the road, til the second cascade, the highest of all and the road to it was easier too.  my parents were about to not go, but changed their minds when they saw me and my bros standing in front of the fall, enjoying its coolness with arms wide open (it felt glorious, no kidding).

and then we headed to the last cascade, by far the shortest of all buy whose geography allowed a nice foot track through the river on its top.
before it, there was this neat formation, whatever it's called:

and the cascade itself (only 6 metres tall) :

we didn't go much further as my parents were exhaused, but me and my 24-year-old bro, David, went a bit further. in some moment, he forgot a shirt he'd been using to cover his head with.
that night went through more mate, more bought food, chatting, playing cards and such. there my bro remembered about his shirt. so, we decided to go the same place the following day, but make a longer walk- we overslept too, and didn't start it till 11am xD. this time we didn't climb down to the cascades (neither of which was too far away from the village), and decided to walk as far as possible. it was noticeably less hot, fortunately too. the araucarias forest dissappeared shortly after passing the third cascade, though the "Ñires" continued for a goods while (at that altitude, they grow as shrubs instead of trees), also, the rocks that dotted the ground would become bigger on average as we went further, we picked lots of recently emited small pyroclastys. all I have to say is, parents and lil bro got tired early, but me and David made it to... hard to estimate, but 4-5 kilometres from the base of the volcano. it was recocmended to not go far due to *toxic gases risk* and now I kinda regret not going closer. booh. but yeah, pix.

by the way, around here there was a fourth cascade, though right now I'm not able to tell its photos apart, and might have deleted some when I made the selection, but it was similar to the second minus the araucarias and had a more rocky surrounding. and yeah, the shirt was recovered.

that afternoon, my parents went to rest and me and my bros explored the town, which was more araucaria and lake than buildings, and had a good talk by the lake :p

saturday morning, our camera batteries were almost dead x) (we took hundreds of photos). we drove to Copahue, a yet smaller town, which gets emptied 6 month-a-year or so because the snow accumulates way above the roofs. there are thermal springs there, which we went to (no photos, sorry xD). we had to take a small medical check-up before entering, and there I learned I may have an abnormally low blood pressure: 90/50. odd, because I didn't feel any different than usual, so the doc told me if I felt sick, I was free to abandon the springs any time.
first, we went to aspriong called "Laguna de los chanchos" (pig's lagoon). it was a muddy, acidic (ph=2) water at 38 centigrades. we'd cover our visible skin save for the eyes area with hot mud taken fron its botton and spend up to 20 mins there. it was good for the skin or something :p
2 hours later, mate in between (hot water obtained from a 85 centigrades fountainhead obviously called "manantial del mate") we went to green Lagoon, a spring with greenish water at 33 centigrades and stayed the max allowed time there (30 mins)... we got given floaters so I could go through all of its whole surface (my feet wouldn't reach the botton in a considerable part of its surface). there were algae at its bottom.
when time ran up, moar mate ( we needed to wait at least one hour and half between two activities there), talking with people there, plus drinking from a fountainhead that had properties against allergies and breathing disorders (that spoke to me and my next bro), plus stomach issues, and we made it to our last activity there: the sauna. and, I went very well through the maximum 15 minutes we could be there, despite my low blood pressure.
and yeah, after that, we headed back to Neuquén, previous visit to some boring people, but that's irrelevant. we arrived to Nqn late at night.
so yeah, there is what possibly was my last travel with the family for I should graduate this year and start working. I enjoyed it alot, and wished we'd stayed longer, so plan on going back there some day, by myself and with some friend(s) C: (any volunteers?)
excuse my awful grammar in this entry, i'm really braindead as I'm preparing for going back to SMA this sunday, soooo, have more pics, in random order:
Look how deformed these are! I've always admired tree's capablity to survive in very harsh climatic conditions, these are buried in snow most of the year.

and even more, here (out of order and from 3 different cameras ^^; ) :

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well, as you may guess, i didn't do much this week since i was mostly focused on studying, good thing it's that i'm making a small travel next Tuesday-Wednesday (Puerto Blest+Victoria Island on Nahuel Huapi Nat Park). Puerto Blest is neat because it's part of the only temperate Rainforest found in the Southern Hemisphere, the Valdivian Rainforest (average yearly temerature, around 8ºC). awesome species in there, we're going to make a small study on Flora and Fauna. might post photos.

wish me luck to pass the exam i have tomorrow xD then Agu be FREE. finally free! :'D
which will mean, among with other things, doing lots of Art, traveling, roaming around and of course, spamming the Internets again.

so sorry if i had been gone the last days, this entry is pure filler, but i'll be back really soon <3
but i DO care

in the other hand

15 bucks popped out of nowhere in my Paypal account, and i have no idea who is the sender :o i did not arrange any comissions lately, i closed them till semester is over. I should email him and ask him why he sent them, maybe is someone who tried to comission me in the past but never sent payment, thus i never did the picture they requested.

15 bucks, it's like, 63 pesos. not like i mind some extra money, but but but, not taking comissions ATM and i'm not going to steal moneyz. unless he agreeds to wait till i'm done with college and other owed art first.
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well, managed to get back to SMAndes yesterday. i had a good time there and could met with my big bro, who i get to only ocasionally see nowadays.
however, can't help but notice i'm behind everybody and everything, and catching an illness (or w/e, a really crappy state of health) is certainly no fun D:. thing is as follows: while i should have taken the bus back on Sunday night, it happened that my dad would have to travel yesterday (Tuesday) morning, and since he's pass by here, i decided to just skip a day at college to save a ticket and because traveling in car is better.
but during a stop he made by Zapala (a city by the road), i just decided to take a nap as he did some duty there. the previous night i slept no more than 2 hours because stayed up late with my bros and then got up very early. soooo i was tooo tired to notice opening the door, or the window would had been a good idea since there was a cool breeze, and instead just fell asleep under a harsh sun. i had a really vivid and creepy dream, and then woke up with a headache (i'm sensitive to sun and the Patagonian sun is a murderer). it didn't bother me much at first but when we arrived to SMA, my head started aching, pretty harshly, once movement stopped (it wasn't even very sunny here, but it ached anyway). on Tuesdays i have Edaphology at 13pm, and we arrived almost one hour earlier. so we went to a restaurant for a lunch. we finished at 12:55, so i asked my dad if we could pass by home (3 blocks away), so i could take my college bag and he'd take me there in the car. he did so, i arrived a bit late and the afternoon went on. but as the afternoon progressed, especially while i was in the classroom, i started to feel worse and worse, cold sweat, and could barely focus in anything. same with Ecology later. one of my classmates offered me to take me home in his car so i guess i looked terrible xD. i was, like, eternally thankful(i live 8 blocks away).
so once at home i took a long shower, and just went to finish an overdue art trade which was left almost done before traveling. then an essay... we are given a shit ton of essays to do :S. had a light dinner, and went bed early. i assumed a good sleep would be great, which it did appear to at first, but today, we had an outing with Edapho and the same headache, cold sweat, and started to feel nauseous. we had to work with shovels, though fortunately under forest coverage. then arrived, had Physics II, then after it i took hour and half of the birds course. home now, and a shower. ache remained, but didn't worsen. one great thing, saw a couple of Magwellanic woodpeckers C: gawd love these birds so much, and i love that they're so confident around people and the couple is always together. btw,  there's at least one couple in Curruhinca hill near the urban area of SMA, which i called Dohko (male) and Kagaho (female). have no photos of them yet, but i will catch 'em sooner or later. my birdies <3

i really must recover soon X_X. i'm behind everybody and everything and that makes me feel so baaaad. have two essays to finish, and i'm neglecting everybody here, on DA, and IRL too. i'd like to skip classes tomorrow, but will only make things worse.
gawd i hate being ill. it's so restrictive, annoying, and it makes your work pile up exponentially.

however, idk, just wanted to update my LJ ^^;. i'll pass by yours too, and answer a few comments... will do my best to stay coherent lol. stupid head aching this much :C i just dislike neglecting people.
...for real!

ia volví de Chile, chiquíios!

i'm back from Chile!!:D i had an epically FANTASTIC time there. oh my, i'll try ot not make this a wall of text so i'll summarize, but you gonna be spammed with photos C:. in any case, some funny facts about Valdivia:
-they can visually spot an argentinian before we open our big mouth
-everyone calls you "chiquillo" (little kid)
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asdf, now gonna spam pictures (some out of order due to revisiting certain places). I shrunk them in order to make them easier to handle.
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well, that's all xD. may be spammin' l8r


on cooking and photos

you know, i actually don't dislike cooking as much as i sometimes think i do. it's more about, i guess, the fact i share my space and people would undoubtely stand behind me, peer at what i do and make questions :o i just catch myself once and once reading recipes, more specifically desserts and bakery stuff, not really meats, pasta and so on. lack of experience speaks loud though, since i kinda fail to understand (i mean, figure out whys and all. i can follow instructions) and my few attempts so far were rather disasterous. though i know for sure that, when i have a house for my own, or share it with someone close enough, i'm gonna bake and do alot of sweets :o kay maybe not in summer when i forget whats hunger and just want to roam around and travel, but in times like this. like, raintosleettosnow, doesn't stop a single effing minute. FRAX, THIS VERY MIDDAY I WALKED TO THE LAKE, TO MAKE PHOTOS JUST FOR YA. i didn't forgot, kay? i got soaked, because ithere's a 15-20cm layer of snow in the town since last night (in the news they say 55. wut, maybe they measured it in the peripheric area) i wasn't wearing the proper boots, but i wanted some photos of me by the lake. i may post photos of me and the town, SMA looks pretty kawaii when it's all white. Frax made a camwhore trade. just to let you know. meanwhile, Sashaphotos because Sashaphotos are always good.
but i DO care

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hello :)
take a look to my College schedule for  the upcoming week, and what's left of this:

Thursday (tomorrow): finishing and handing in a paper
Friday: finishing and hanging in my huge-ass Herbarium (forgot what are half of the samples/+whichonebelongstowhichbranch. researchtimeplz)
Monday: Exposing verbally one of the papers i did the last days
Tuesday: Dendrology exam
Wednesday: Statistics exam
Thrursday: yet another paper to finish
Friday: Plant Physiology exam.
Saturday an hero

i still don't fully know how i'm gonna survive through this :o this is abuseeeee!

please don't be upset i you don't see me commenting/replying much here or in DA <3 though there's a picture that only needs its final touches so i might finish it during some break.
as for things i've promised, i hadn't forget about them so don't worry! and as soon as all of this is over, i'll be fully back with many things, including comissions which means i'll have some spare bucks again. and the Guessing game as well.

take care, everyone!
...for real!


okay, a change in wind direction was a thing to expect anyway... welcome to Agutown, volcanic plume. we have cake. it started around 5:30 am, and it's still falling.
Zel, how many kilos of ashes you want? xD
have some photos:
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i went outside to pick some ash and take pictures as well, and only moved through a couple of blocks because man, that thing really messes with your eyes :o i covered my nose and mouth with a scarf. if i go further (which i probably will, as i might need to buy some food). however, since last weekend it's been surprisingly warm and dry for the time of the year, i just went outside (it's 13:23pm) and it was 5 centigrades, when it usually reaches this temperature about 4 pm and middays are almost always around freezing o_0 guess they're gonna cool down again? but i guess it was going to cool down one way or the other, so is it gonna make it even colder than usual? if so, fffffffffuuuuuuu

fgdfgdgdfsfs, Defteros is trololololing Aguregion :o

spam "news"

FM Aspen (one of my favourite radio stations btw) played a bunch of the songs of Duran Duran's new album "All you need is now" and now i want eeeeet!. so far, i liked what i heard. while none of the songs really blew my mind, i think they were good and catchy, and definitively worth giving it a chance.

also, some weirdass had been spamming alot of my Palq pictures with comments that are nothing but "catcatcat" and he did it a few times already  X_X. i don't like blocking or hiding comments because the first time i let it slide, idc much about spam but it was kind of annoying to find everyday like 50 new comments that were nothing but "catcatcat" so yeah. first blocked user, plus hid them alll.... i feel horrible D: before that the only comment i hid was one by
[info]cb_frax   and it was only because he revealed my darkest DA secret: Agu is a gurl :p it's funnier making everyone think i'm a boy cuz everybody thinks i'm a sparkly fgt and some even go angry lol.

finally, today there was a used books fair and i went and bought 10 of them xD they were extremely cheap.
among with these and making use of a few "promotions" they had, i made myself with books in french, italian (two languages that i have neglected) and German, which i'm barely learning. reading books in languages i don't speak too well books will always be good practise :)

end of the Aguspam