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on cooking and photos

you know, i actually don't dislike cooking as much as i sometimes think i do. it's more about, i guess, the fact i share my space and people would undoubtely stand behind me, peer at what i do and make questions :o i just catch myself once and once reading recipes, more specifically desserts and bakery stuff, not really meats, pasta and so on. lack of experience speaks loud though, since i kinda fail to understand (i mean, figure out whys and all. i can follow instructions) and my few attempts so far were rather disasterous. though i know for sure that, when i have a house for my own, or share it with someone close enough, i'm gonna bake and do alot of sweets :o kay maybe not in summer when i forget whats hunger and just want to roam around and travel, but in times like this. like, raintosleettosnow, doesn't stop a single effing minute. FRAX, THIS VERY MIDDAY I WALKED TO THE LAKE, TO MAKE PHOTOS JUST FOR YA. i didn't forgot, kay? i got soaked, because ithere's a 15-20cm layer of snow in the town since last night (in the news they say 55. wut, maybe they measured it in the peripheric area) i wasn't wearing the proper boots, but i wanted some photos of me by the lake. i may post photos of me and the town, SMA looks pretty kawaii when it's all white. Frax made a camwhore trade. just to let you know. meanwhile, Sashaphotos because Sashaphotos are always good.


Sasha is pretty birdie o3o such lovely colors! and snowwwwwwwwww it's so colllld and wet and white ...wholikesnow.
and lol people peering over your shoulder to see what you're doing in "any" situation is just annoying and very awkward specially if they just loom over you without saying much and stay there for a length of time just staring dhsdguy , just freeze,stop everything and stare the person out (it works e_e )
I can't cook (Ihateitlol) D: I always burn things or forget I was even making something , I have to stay in the kitchen while it cooks and be hungry enough sdghjday so I tend not to cook but like you I really do sometimes enjoy looking at the yummy bakery stuff and wanting to make them my own and then attempting to do so even if they don't look or taste as great as I thought they would xD;

-is being annoyingly social today, what-
klejaklsrj ain't she?8D too bad my old crappy camera can't capture her in full detail <3
lol i love snow but it's so annoying xD you get completely soaked and end up always shivering. plus it's like every paved street becomes a terrible mess. though i think here it was no more than 20 cm, i'm no good at estimating depth but the media were saying 55. maybe they measured in the peripheric neighbours or field area cause it was definitively not half as deep here xD fortunately

lol, in my case the other person always talk alot D: like they are even more interested on what i'm doing than i am. people is all "what are you doin 8DDDD" and you " just trying something, i'll see if it results" and they "yayyyy, aweesome!" and start going even more annoying, giving advice you don't want and drive you nervous because one hardly would worry too much if we just messed up on our own xD
lol , ihave to admit i burn things a little too often :o normally because the "waiting" in between is time i prefer to give a productive use to, even if that implies answering comments on DA, and tend to forget about the thing below x'D (it doesn't helps that my bedroom is upstairs)
and yeah, i kinda expect that once i make a really serious attempt (made a few, but they are ocassional), i'll get all "why the hell i'm wasting my time on this?o_O" like, it requires alot of patiente and i'm not very patient ^^;. still, i love sweets and they are expenssive to buy ^^;

and nuuuuh, i'm quite happy to see you here <3<3<3 i've been kinda conversation-blocked lately but always love to get to talk to someone :D

Awww you allready overdoing thiiiiissssss :P I like invested a half an hour for that overall -.-

Well I think I have wrote about "Lembas" cookies, what I done a few times.

Last time when I done it, I forgot to add sugar to the dough -.- and it turned out to be an uneatable ssss... but I noted it as "its atleast diet food", the only thing what I pitied that I added real nuts to it, to make it moar delicious... well it was not with out sugar...

Still I dont know the recipe of that "USA military MRE" thing called "Wheat Snack Bread"... Basicly its sweet, dense but not hard like the table... Its fantastic and I cant seem to find anything about it.... :(



Thats said to be the closet to that stuff, I will try the Swedish one, as it is the sweet version...
lol, np :) this town is small and i have to walk no more than 10 blocks till the lake, others were taken at the urban square which's block and half away.
my main problem the few times i tried to bake something, is that things would get too messy, i drop things, i can't keep stuff in the shape they're suposssed to be, i'm terribly clumsy. plus i seemed to mix the ingredients wrongly, because it'd always taste weird xD not always disgusting, but the best times, strange.
asdjakdjakd, i want these breads now -C8
Well one "good thing" in hurricane Katrina, that a lot of victims got MRE's from there dear goverment, aaaaannnnddddd ppl started to ask about this same stuff what I were looking for 3-4 years and now pooff...

My eyes are in a bad shape, I should not be before this damn machine so I translate the recepie and baaaaakkkeeee....
Nahh I made them and they are good, tho I cant decide its totally like that MRE version but nothing less NOM.
they must be delicious if you did them :)
*hide my face in my pumfy kalak*