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but i DO care

hello :)
take a look to my College schedule for  the upcoming week, and what's left of this:

Thursday (tomorrow): finishing and handing in a paper
Friday: finishing and hanging in my huge-ass Herbarium (forgot what are half of the samples/+whichonebelongstowhichbranch. researchtimeplz)
Monday: Exposing verbally one of the papers i did the last days
Tuesday: Dendrology exam
Wednesday: Statistics exam
Thrursday: yet another paper to finish
Friday: Plant Physiology exam.
Saturday an hero

i still don't fully know how i'm gonna survive through this :o this is abuseeeee!

please don't be upset i you don't see me commenting/replying much here or in DA <3 though there's a picture that only needs its final touches so i might finish it during some break.
as for things i've promised, i hadn't forget about them so don't worry! and as soon as all of this is over, i'll be fully back with many things, including comissions which means i'll have some spare bucks again. and the Guessing game as well.

take care, everyone!


You will have hell of a friday, I never have seen one that lasted till monday.
Btw so much friggin exam I see. At some point I dont regret that I probably will never have any more (still working and being f responsible are like a 24/7 "exam" where youc an loose not only oyur pants, but your "life")

Anyways Agu surely will do those at 110/100 +-10%
asdadadasddsdasd xp
too effing much, unfortunately for me :/ too good at least one of the longerst/slowest papers is done now.

thank you, Frax :)