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...for real!


okay, a change in wind direction was a thing to expect anyway... welcome to Agutown, volcanic plume. we have cake. it started around 5:30 am, and it's still falling.
Zel, how many kilos of ashes you want? xD
have some photos:

fun fact: midday sun actually is, most of the days not any brighter than this. and this from... uh, late Summer to middle Spring xD

for you, Zel C:

picking it for ya 8D (yeah, i tend to use very silly nail polish colors)

the two kingfishers that flew across... poor thingies :C (bad photo)
now, these were taken at midday!

while i must admit there's something fun about it (and sure an interesting situation), i've been a bit worried. i must admit, i'm grateful that ashes happened now and not in Spring or Summer. tbh, by this time of the year, no plant is photosyntetizing, and they are keeping their respiration and metabolism in general to a minimum. however, evergreen plants have specialized slippery leaves that bend letting snow slide down, so not an eccessive amount of it is accumulated in the branches (which might break them). ashes are much lighter than snow,  so i guess precipitation or wind will be required in order to them slide down the leaves. a layer of about one or two centimetres of it has accumulated outside, and keeps falling.
the acids present on the ashes can affect leaves, water, and the quality of the soil in a first moment (though later, its component can react with those of the soil affecting its fertility in a very possitive way)
i'm really concerned about my two projects  though... still not sure how will them affect these plants. especially if precipitation happens (i just checked the weather forecast, and they predict wintry mix for the next 3 days)

as for animals, we'll have to see. by late autumn, food has been scarce in the forest for a long time and lots of them (especially birds) come to the town, since they know people means food. there are many exotic trees in the town which keep their fruits after all the leaves fell (that happens with a few natives as well though). i guess that now food became even more scarce, and so did water (we people have a provision for 24 hours). when i went ouside to take pictures, it made me sad seeing a couple of kingfishers flying and voicing loud.... wich reminds me, that i hope my "pets" Sasha and Sui are okay. they don't migrate, but they depend on the creek and lake to get their food.

but oh well, that's nature. this region is very influenced by volcanic activity one way or the other, and the truth is that both plants and (i hope) native wild animals must be somewhat adapted to it. i'm gonna blame the damages on chileans then 8D /jk

i went outside to pick some ash and take pictures as well, and only moved through a couple of blocks because man, that thing really messes with your eyes :o i covered my nose and mouth with a scarf. if i go further (which i probably will, as i might need to buy some food). however, since last weekend it's been surprisingly warm and dry for the time of the year, i just went outside (it's 13:23pm) and it was 5 centigrades, when it usually reaches this temperature about 4 pm and middays are almost always around freezing o_0 guess they're gonna cool down again? but i guess it was going to cool down one way or the other, so is it gonna make it even colder than usual? if so, fffffffffuuuuuuu

fgdfgdgdfsfs, Defteros is trololololing Aguregion :o


Fear not, its not 2012 yet.

Such thing for me would be surely 2012, as I imagine howmuch f ashdust would be plogged into my pc's fans (7 pcs)...
you totally true C8
nah, i keep my windows closed... it only worries me that we have a supply of water for 24 hours only ^^;
You can allways buy some 4x4 2l coca cola *sllluurrpppp*

Well you lucky as its winter in your area.
If this would happen here, I would have to evacuate my floor.

I imagine the "usuall" 25C day(outside) what are like 28-29 with closed windows or more...

Also you can make a lot of ash jars and you could do ebay bussines like when some ppl wanted to sell "cunami water" XD

Agumih Ash in a jar, 1 dollah starting bid... XD
well, don't give me ideas... selling in like an aphrodisiac or dissolved in water, as a miraculous potion :p

¡Buenas fotos! Interesante fenómeno o.o
gracias!:) y totalmente! estoy segura que se van a hacer estudios de impacto, ojalá no sean tan negativos ^^; pero igual, los voy a seguir de cerca C:
I WANT 24 KILOS SENT TO OREGON PRONTO 8D lol jk, a jar is awesome xD THAT JAR IS SO CUTE AWWW :'D but wow, it finally reached Agu's place! :o awesome pictures. i live upwind of the volcanoes in my region, so i may never get to see this kind of ash fall on my house D: unless i move! im upwind and would see the column and watch the ash fall on the other side of the volcano from me...

apparently the volcano is quieting down now, though its still erupting. according to one of my volcano sources, this is the largest eruption of 2011 so far! yay history! xD there are some cool images of the eruption, too http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/photo-gallery/gallery-e6frf94x-1226070116594?page=1 but maybe youve seen them all already xD

i am not sure how itll affect the local wildlife... volcanic ash can be really lethal when mixed with the moistness of the lungs. it becomes a cement and prevents breathing. im not sure how much is needed to cause that to happen, though. i just know it happens when theres large amounts of ash. they may be alright as long as this doesnt last too long. though you may have a big mess if it rains on all this ash 8V

super cool, though! to be so close to an eruption :D i wish my volcanoes would get off their lazy asses and start doing fun things, too! ((really, only St Helens wants to do anything x.@)) *glares at volcano outside window* COME ON AND PARTY D<

akslfja can i use some of these photos in a DA journal post later? x3 i want to do something with volcanoes ever since i caught Popo ((volcano in my DA webcam)) erupting last Friday ((just happened to watch its most major recent eruption live by pure chance! so i screenshotted some of it to share with those who didnt visit my DA at the right time 8D not as big of an eruption as with Puyehue but still made a cool ash cloud)). exciting days! xD this can make up for the excitement lost when Grimsvotn ended up not really doing much last month when it erupted xD it ended up being so small and short-lived... lolz xD
OKAY 8D. lol, it indeed finally did xD
althought i'm a bit scared by these plantations of ours (for they're delicate and the acidness of the ash could kill them), it makes me really happy because in a few months, the fertility of the soil is going to increase in 2324652355%. man all the minerals <3
lol, your volcanos troll you :o though at least you'd have it rather close, and easy to get
as for the animals, yep. that and the extermination of some of their remaining food sources. but in the other hand, even if the mortality increases this year, this happes with a certain frequency (i think the last time something like this happened was in the late 50s) and i wouldn't be amazed if the native species have some adaptations... and if they don't, i guess they'll recover for it's a thing that only ocasionally happens, not a permanent threat (like chilean pigeons who went from almost extinct during the last floration of the colihue cane, to abundant again in less than 10 years). though i gotta admit i'm scared for Sasha and Sui, i delared them my pets, lol. and i'd miss Sasha staring at me while i cross the bridge to my school.

dsfssfsf, it's been drizzling since the afternoon, and this is apparently going to continue for a couple of days lol... this is gonna turn a pigpen xD
your comment about your lazy volcanos made me lol xD maybe they'll join the party in some moment, lol. good luck with that!!

and yes! of course you can use them C: i wish i would have taken more, but it's too dark outside by now ^^;
Popocatepetl, right? (that name stuck in my memory since i read about it as a kid 8D) it's so cool that you caught it eruptiong from your webcam!!

ha ha, glad to hear. suddely, some volcanos decided we weren't paying them the attention they deserve :p
On the semi bright side, volcanic ash is traditionally good for soil and primary succession. Not so useful if them plants are already there. Weird in some ways that there's so little said about it over here. Not so strange if one takes into account what generally interests the public.

Yes, would help tremendously if Agu reached seventh sense. Keep working at it!
yes, that's true :)
we're getting a second ash cloud this evening, so i hope it's the "good" kind of ash as well, otherwise it could be an ecological disaster ^^;. and since classes were suspended i think i'm gonna use some of my time to make some research about them (their composition and effects). if there's something bad... well, i guess i'm gonna have more work than expected for the future, ha ha.

oh, definitively 8D i'm gonna do it
(or ask Kagaho to calm down Defteros's rage the way we know xD)
unfortunately disasters do tend to happen before good things. kind of like the opposite of calm before the storm?

Go Kagaho! (Defteros has been threatening to keep him in Another Dimension...)
oh, that's true ^^; right now, we have to just wait.

(lol, i guess he keeps him tied xD)


Thought it was relevant :P
lol it is xD

but who are you? (don't know how much people stalks my LJ, lolol)
hola,linda!al fin regresé! Dios,tomaste buenas fotos eh? Pobre flora y fauna :(:( Ni modo, eso pasa!! Nosotros acá estamos un tanto afligidos, pues el volcán de San Salvador tendrá 100 años desde que hizo erupción y... la mayoría de científicos creen que a esa edad entran nuevamente en actividad!:O! Claro, si eso sucede, El Salvador se QUEDA SIN CAPITAL :s:s
gracias Vivi!!^^ hoy volveron las cenis, qué le vamos a hacer. al menos, a la larga son buenas porque fertilizan el suelo.

no te peocupes, que el volcán esté activo no implica que vaya a hacer erupción, en general los eventos geológicos están regulados por muchísimas variables. cualquier cosa, siempre es bueno mantenerse informado, pero no te preocupes que en casos como éstos es común que la gente se ponga muy alarmista. espero que no les pase!<3
Eso espero!! aunque vamos, las fotos de una erupción volcánica son EPIC WIN aunque muy riesgosas!!! Sabes que quiero ir al Volcán de San Salvador a conocer y explorarlo? hahahaa sii! ojalá pueda en estas vacaciones. :)
totalmente!!:) son de las imágenes más bellas que se puedan tomar, tan imponentes!

sí!!:D ojalá puedas y en ése caso, no te olvides de tomar muchísimas fotos!! buena suerte con éste proyecto!*hug*

y por cierto, hola linda! andaba extrañando hablarte y perdón por responder tan tarde... he tenido una semana infernal, pero me tomo un descansito con el feriado ^^; espero que estés bien!!
ahh no te preocupes!Yo estoy a una semana y media de terminar la universidad! yeah al fin! y comprendo esas semanas infernales!hahahaha!
Si, ojalá pueda ir al volcán! :)