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somehow, i'm still alive :p
the exam last Thursday was HARD as hell, there were 8 excercises, i didn't do 2 of them and half of another, and i think i have mistakes in the others :/ i thought i did AWFUL with it, but somewhat, i passed. only 3 students passed it. so that's a big relief, but thinking about it, i guess i got around the min mark (60/100). though in our system, some subjects, including this, have the Promotional instance, meaning that if you get a mark of 80 or more, you get a "coloquio", which's a very short and very easy Final exam (a full Final takes a bit of every content seen the whole semester). sooo, this teacher is a really nice guy, and i was considering studying again (i had very little time for it last week), and take the Recovery instance, despite having passed already, to see if i can get 80+, and promote the subject. only if i feel confident enough though C: but basically skipping the final would be awesome.
as for the other 2, dude, our teachers could take SHORTER exams if they are going to complain of us making them wait, almost 4 hours for Ecology and above 5 for Edaphology. it's not like we stay long because we love doing exams, but because they're effing LONG :o and bloody hard. 
i'm guessing i passed both,even though i didn't do 1 out of 9 excercises of Ecology, and 4-b out of Edapho (keep in mind all the excercises i did won't necessarily be flawless). so, i think i pass, but i'll wait till the marks next Monday to feel any relief.
IF i pass those two, i have the recovery instance for Dasometry, and after that, only finals are left, i'm going to take no more that 2, i decided.
gawd, can't wait for this to be over, everyone else's enjoying their Holidays :C

and i'm fully sure next years i'm going to attend less subjects, granted, i've passed half of the career already.

just in case you are wondering why it's so heavy, a bit because the system is kinda like this in Argentina (spaniard students complain that our subjects have 34895734897% more content than theirs), and second, because my career lasts 3 years, when it should last at least 4 and half. i mean, we don't have that much less hours than many Engineer grades, and we graduate as mere Technicians X_X (and don't make me start on all the extra hours we attend classes basically every week) .. they are trying to upgrade the title, and i really hope it's done soon.

well, as you may guess, i didn't do much this week since i was mostly focused on studying, good thing it's that i'm making a small travel next Tuesday-Wednesday (Puerto Blest+Victoria Island on Nahuel Huapi Nat Park). Puerto Blest is neat because it's part of the only temperate Rainforest found in the Southern Hemisphere, the Valdivian Rainforest (average yearly temerature, around 8ºC). awesome species in there, we're going to make a small study on Flora and Fauna. might post photos.

wish me luck to pass the exam i have tomorrow xD then Agu be FREE. finally free! :'D
which will mean, among with other things, doing lots of Art, traveling, roaming around and of course, spamming the Internets again.

so sorry if i had been gone the last days, this entry is pure filler, but i'll be back really soon <3


Sounds like you did perfectly fine. Passing is passing. I still haven't figured out how your system works entirely, but I guess same as everywhere else, it seems unfairly skewed towards some majors. Studying is good. Good luck!
in the end the only subject i failed is the easiest and the least i thought i'd fail, Ecology :o. i passed all the others fortunately. but traveling with that teacher in a few hours so he's gonna be interrogated quite a bit >:D. out of the only three who failed, two of us go there.
i guess it's pretty similar, though something that friends from other countries always tell me, is that we have way too many exams, and too many hours of classes. the bright side is that college is free, so i don't really mind expanding one year more (not worth the stress rushing, it hit my health quite a bit last week). aka, next year i will directly not start all possible subjects, but kick them to 2013.
Aww, everyone has free college but us! But definitely means you should take your time. It's a rough and unpleasant world out there and might as well enjoy your youth.
don't worry, most countries seem to not have it actually. big mess in Chile for they pay fortunes for very low-leveled education.

yeah, definitively true. it's alread getting into my health too... now one week of finals, and free.
Hi, gavrieel@deviantart.com here. Officially stalking you now here ;)

Ah, uni life. The examination session at my uni starts only next week and students are already freaking out. Hope it all went well for you in the end.
I think that here the only study areas where passing borderline is actually higher than 60% are medicine and veterinary. But when students perform really bad during an exam, they sometimes lower it to 50%.
heya! welcome here :D i just added you to a couple of groups that allow you to read certain protected entries, i do these in order to avoid stalkers of the bad kind, he he ^^

yeah, that end of semester was like giving birth, not to mention we got a long expanssion of all subjects but one :/ by the second date for finals we were still having modular exams, which totally restrained us. and in the end i could only do a single final, making it an accumulation of ¡8! to still pass, so next month i will be well entertained xD i don't think i i'll be able to take on 8 finals, but i'll take as many as i can.
yeah, I heard some careers that pass an exam that's 50% well done, unfortunately not the case for us ^^;. and yes! idk about Veterinary here, but in Medicine, they need 70/100 to pass as well.
You have stalkers? :O I think I managed to avoid them myself. yeah, I think >.>;

Don't they overdo it a bit? Although, I don't think it's much better for students here. They have one more week to get credit for their classes so that they could take exams. Fortunately for them there should be no more than 5 exams, though.

The only reason why they go do to 50% is that students are bad :/ It doesn't look well if 90% of students fail, so they have to find some way to get round the problem.

I only know about Veterinary, because a friend studied it. But it makes sense, no matter how you look at it. If you are to be a doctor or a vet, 60% is not enough when a life is involved. I think that in many cases it's 90% then.
you may read funny stories about a person named Daina in the future xD idk if her, or some of her friends, was putting my already weirdly written LJ entries into Translate.google.com for especially inaccurate results! (as well as a few more dramazies). but yeah, also as a way to protect privacy, anyone could watch us after all ^^;

yep, my career is way too compressed in time and should last longer which would imply upgrading the title. we're always running against the calendar and there's just too much content to swallow, but yeah, the exam system is really like that in my country yet i could swear some teachers have an exam+essay fetish o_0;

and that makes perfect sense, really C:
Wow, just wow >.>; Some people are just... crazy.

I think they've been doing it here, too >.> For example they're trying to fit into three-year period something that should take 3,5 years at least >.>;