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but i DO care

in the other hand

15 bucks popped out of nowhere in my Paypal account, and i have no idea who is the sender :o i did not arrange any comissions lately, i closed them till semester is over. I should email him and ask him why he sent them, maybe is someone who tried to comission me in the past but never sent payment, thus i never did the picture they requested.

15 bucks, it's like, 63 pesos. not like i mind some extra money, but but but, not taking comissions ATM and i'm not going to steal moneyz. unless he agreeds to wait till i'm done with college and other owed art first.


mebbe it's for Christmas? idk.
Getting free monies is always weird if you're not really sure why the person is giving it to you...
idk, but i better not take it. or, if they are a former comissioner, let them know i wont be able to do the pic for a good while, though i prefer refunding. i don't want to get into trouble!
mmm, do know what you feel.
Don't like people being angry at you for no reason.
Figured out where the money came from yet?
yep, i emailed him yesterday. as expected, it was someone who asked me for a comission months ago, hence i would not have his adress registered.

asked him if he'd want a refund or would wait until i'm done with everything i owe, he should have noted me before sending the payment. must confess i was secretly wishing it was an early Christmas gift lol :'D